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Thatch Roof Maintenance

Thatch roof maintenance and thatched roof repairs

Thatch roof maintenance questions


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes it is possible to replace a thatch roof with tiles. You can fit metal tiles directly onto your thatch roof without removing the grass or you can have all the thatch grass removed. If all the thatch is removed you should fit double sided foil insulation underneath the tile baton timbers before fitting the metal tiles.

Fiddler stone coated metal tiles can be fitted directly onto thatch roofs, without removing the thatch grass.

This method of thatch roof renovation is less invasive and expensive. No need to move out the house or worrying about damage to the contents inside the house. See thatch roof renovation page. 

Yes there are. SANS 10407 , 2016 Edition, covers the design of the supporting roofing structure and installation of thatch on roofing structures.

Your lapa has to be included in your building plans. See thatch roof regulations page 

The metal tiles and accessories can cost you around R175 per square meter. You must then still budget for the wood and other materials required. The labour component will be the final cost. You can budget for about R400 per square meter. 

When you consider fitting metal tiles on your thatch roof, stone coated metal tiles are a very good alternative for the following reasons:

Stone coated metal tiles

  • it is lite and can weigh less than 7kg per sqm
  • it comes with a good warranty
  • it is strong and durable
  • it is visually appealing and restores your property's image

Investment vs Maintenance

  • metal tiles increase the value of your property as it is seen as upgrading your property
  • metal tiles require NO annual maintenance
  • Your fire risk is drastically reduced since it is shielded from external elements

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