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Lightning Conductors

Lightning conductor poles are installed and maintained as per SANS regulations

Regulations for Thatch Roof Lightning Conductors

This part of IEC 62305 deals with the protection, in and around a structure, against physical damage and injury to living beings due to touch and step voltages.

The main and most effective measure for protection of thatch structures against physical damage is considered to be the lightning protection system (LPS). This usually consists of both external and internal lightning protection systems.

An external LPS is intended to:

  1. intercept a lightning flash to the structure (with an air-termination system),
  2. conduct the lightning current safely towards earth (using a down-conductor system),
  3. disperse the lightning current into the earth (using an earth-termination system).

An internal LPS prevents dangerous sparking within the structure using either equipotential bonding or a separation distance (and electrical insulation) between the external LPS components and other electrically conducting elements internal to the structure.

The main protection measures against injury to living beings due to touch and step voltages are intended to reduce the:

  1. dangerous current flowing through bodies by insulating exposed conductive parts, and/or by increasing the surface soil resistivity,
  2. occurrence of dangerous touch and step voltages by physical restrictions and/or warning notices.

The type and location of an LPS should be carefully considered in the initial design of a new structure, thereby enabling maximum advantage to be taken of the electrically conductive parts of the structure. By doing so, design and construction of an integrated installation is made easier, the overall aesthetic aspects can be improved, and the effectiveness of the LPS can be increased at minimum cost and effort.

Once construction work on a site has started, access to the ground and the proper use of foundation steelwork for the purpose of forming an effective earth-termination, may well be impossible. Therefore, soil resistivity and the nature of the earth should be considered at the earliest possible stage of a project. This information is fundamental to the design of an earth-termination system and may influence the foundation design work for the structure.

Regular consultation between LPS designers and installers, architects and builders is essential in order to achieve the best result at minimum cost.

If lightning protection is to be added to an existing structure, every effort should be made to ensure that it conforms to the principles of SANS 62305-3. The design of the type and location of an LPS should take into account the features of the existing structure.

Installation and Testing of a Lightning Protection System

1. Check if the conductor length is sufficiently high enough to cover the area of the roof of the area to be protected as per SANS 62305-3. 

2. Ensure that the separation distance is maintained, i.e mast be a min of 1m away from the thatch overhang.

3. Check the condition of the conductor – rust, is the conductor still straight, is it in good conductor –
i.e. does it show signs of falling over 

4. Check and test if the earthing is visible and within SANS 62305 standards. Does it meet the minimum requirements for a level III type of protection as per SANS 62305-3. 

5. Check and test the equipotential bonding of the conductor to the main earth supply as per SANS standards.

6. Check if the correct surge protection is present on the main electrical DB board and is in good working order.

See attached sketch below.

Should all of the above be within the specifications, a certificate as per SANS 10313-2018 will be issued.

A call-out fee to do the test and issue a certificate is applicable. 

Should any part of the above not meet the requirements of the SANS specifications, a separate quote will be issued to rectify this.

Should the quote not be accepted, the original call out fee will be charged. 

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